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Which Dart Flights are the Best

Many years ago, the mark of a flight’s quality was its cost. However, now technology has improved and our methods for making things have improved. Now you can get a relatively good set of flights for very cheap. In this article I’ll cover which darts flights are the best.

Which Dart Flights are the Best?

Well, this question really comes down to a matter of opinion. Pretty much all flights now are made of a high-quality plastic. Therefore, it really comes down to which are the most cost effective, which are the most aesthetically pleasing, and which shape is better.

Let us look further into the shapes of the flights:

Slim Flights

Slim flights are great for players who are looking to reduce the drag. Reducing drag will allow the dart to travel through the air much quicker. For this shape of flight I would recommend the Harrows Retina flight.

They look very good, and they are available for an affordable price. However, not everyone will like the added drag and the modular design does sacrifice some durability.


When it comes to darts flights most people know what they are getting. The drag is basically perfect for most players and that is why it is the most commonly used flights, but for durability and a plethora of design choices I would recommend the Centaur flights.

Standard – is good for players who do not need much experimentation.

Kite – Great for Improved Control.

Teardrop – Provides maximum lift.

Lantern – Improves stability of the darts while keeping the flight down.

Shape – Maximum Life and stability.

They are extremely durable and great to play with. Their low price even throws in six flight protectors to keep your flights throwing great for longer.

What to Look for When Choosing Darts Flights?

The material is the most important thing. 100 micron is the most common to find due to its great balance between durability and weight. However, it should be noted that 75 microns are available which are lighter yet less durable. Lastly there is a plastic moulded type which are the heaviest, but most durable.

Dart Flights Pricing

No matter the level you are playing at there is no reason at all for you to be paying more than $10 for a good set of flights. The reason companies do this is to try and convince you that darts is somehow a pay to win experience, and that by buying the most expensive sets on the market you will become a better player overnight. This is not at all how it works. The truth is you can win tournaments with a $5 Setup. All that is needed is you putting in the work and practice. Don’t fall for the scams of the companies trying to charge you more than you need. So, before you buy make sure you are not overpaying.