Three Player Dart Games

Three Player Dart Games

In this post I’ll be covering some common three player dart games that you might want to try out.

Baseball Darts

Baseball is a quick and easy game to play. It’s especially if you want to make the game easier or challenge yourselves. Like the game of baseball, this is a simple game of nine ‘innings’, and you score runs based on how many of the three darts you land on a certain number. You can get a maximum of nine runs per inning, and 81 runs in a complete game. You can get one run for a single, two runs for a double and three runs for a triple, with no runs if you miss the number entirely. To keep a track of scoring, you should write down however many number of runs you scored in an inning under your name.

9 Lives

This dart game originated as a three player game with each player having three lives each. In this game, you race each other around the board, hitting the numbers in numerical order, from 1 to 20, and finish with the bullseye. The first player to complete the full sequence is the winner. Whenever you miss a number with all three darts in one turn, you lose a life, and if you lose all three lives then you lose the game, or have to start again from the beginning.


In this game, the only goal is to be the last player with a life on the scoreboard, with each player starting the game with three lives. One dart will be thrown with the player’s less dominant hand, and the number the dart lands on will be the player’s number for the rest of the game, with the player re-throwing if they hit the bullseye. The aim is for each player to hit the double of their number to be named a killer, and once a killer, they must hit their opponents double, with each hit causing their opponent to lose a life. The last player with lives left on the board is the winner.

Hare and Hound

Typically, a two-player game, playing Hare and Hound with more players makes the game a lot more enjoyable. This is an around-the-board game, where one player, the hound, starts a few places on the board behind the others, the hares. The hound’s job is to catch up to and pass the other players. Adding in more hares makes the game more difficult for the hound, and while the hares are not necessarily playing as a team, you’re all trying to keep ahead of the hound.


Also called ‘knockout’, this is one of the most basic and fun games that you can play with three players. It is super quick and simple to get the hang of, with the main goal using three darts to get a higher score than the other players.

The aim is to throw three darts with your non-dominant hand to set the initial score, and then the next player either has to match or beat it. The third player has to match the score of the second player, and if they fail to beat this, they lose a leg. When you lose all three legs you are eliminated from the game. An example: if player one has to beat a score of 26 and scores 35, then the second player has to score higher than, or at least equal to, 35.

Three Player Dart Games – Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed my list of some of the common three player dart games. One of the best things about darts is the flexibility. Being able to play a game that accommodates different numbers of players allows everyone to have fun. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most.