Ignat Darts Review

Ignat Darts Review

To get to be the best darts player you can be, you’re going to need quality equipment. Ignat Games asserts to have some of the most quality sets of darts available online. And they’d be right to make that claim. In this post, I’ll be doing an Ignat darts review.

We tested their steel-tipped darts and are pleased to offer this full report. By the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision for yourself as to whether Ignat’s claims are true.

Attractive Design

One of the first ways in which Ignat’s steel-tipped darts win the day is the fact that they are available in a vast array of colors, sold in sets of two colors:

  • Azure – Gothic Crystal – Flights in the set are gold and turquoise.
  • Cherry – Black Furry – Flights in the set are gold and red.
  • Cobalt – Cursed Treasure – Flights in the set are gold and light blue
  • Green – Poison Arrow – Flights in the set are gold and bright green
  • Lilac – Dark Avenger – Flights in the set are gold and purple

The number of choices ensures that whatever color you pick for your set, you’ll be playing in style.

Weighted Barrels and Maximum Stability

Another nice thing about the Ignat steel-tipped dart set is that they come with differently weighted brass barrels to help you hone your skills no matter what you’re throwing. And although the barrels all have a different weight, the build of the Ignat darts is the same, one built for maximum stability and trajectory.


And for the darts to have such stability and trajectory, they must also have durability. And the Ignat darts come with rubber o-rings that banish your worry about your darts loosening in the middle of your match. The steel-tipped darts can also be sharpened to minimize bouncing.

Extra Accessories

The final impressive note is the extra accessories that come with the Ignat darts. Your set will come with extra flights, as well as a sharpener and wrench to keep your darts feeling tight and sharp and winning. And even apart from the darts themselves, sets come with an e-book that teaches the basics of how to play darts and different games you can play once you get the hang of it.

And all of the darts come in a stylish case with a magnetic closure that will keep everything secure.

Ignat Darts Price

Ignat makes a variety of sets of darts. However, the ones that we tested here are usually around $40 on Amazon. In total, the set comes with 6 darts and a 10-year warranty as well. You can tell by the price and warranty alone that these are some quality darts.

Ignat Darts Review – A Final Word

The world of steel-tipped darts is vast, but even amongst the rest, the Ignat steel-tipped darts stand out. From their sleek and durable design that allows you to play to your strengths and work with new weights to their stylish flights and accessories to keep the whole outfit looking and feeling sharp, it’s very plain to see that Ignat Games’ steel-tipped darts are the real deal. I’d recommend picking them up for yourself if you’re trying to go from some cheap darts that may have come in a set to something a little more serious.