How to Hang A Dartboard
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How to Hang A Dartboard

The humble dartboard has evolved greatly over time. Once it was merely a cross section of wood, where the tree’s age rings were used to determine one’s score. However, modern dartboards are much more sophisticated. Whether one is playing at home or at the pub, there are various tips and restrictions that guide how a dartboard should be hung.

Dartboard Types

Before one learns how to hang a dartboard, they need to understand the type of board they wish to use. There are two main varieties of darts, steel tipped, and soft tipped. Each of these types require different dartboards, which can offer different types of play. Steel tipped darts are traditional. They stick into the fibers of a board be it made from bristle or paper. Soft tip darts are flexible and are to be thrown into premade holes on soft tip boards. These are often used with electric boards with automatic scoring capabilities. Finally, there are also convertible darts. They can be used with either board by switching out the dart tips. Overall, it is important to initially establish which board you wish to play with.

Regulation Dartboard Distance

Now that you have chosen and identified your board, you can understand the distance at which a play must stand from the board when playing. When using traditional steel tips, the player should stand 7′ 9 and 1/4″ away from the board. This is approximately 2.4 meters. And when using soft tips, this distance should be longer at 8’ or 2.44 meters. This value is often different in other parts of the world however, so local rules should always be used for competitive games. Ultimately, when planning to hang a dartboard, ensure that there is an appropriate amount of space for the players to comfortably stand.

Dartboard Height From Floor

When hanging a dartboard, it is important to consider the center of the bullseye, as well as the top of the board. The standard mounting height for a dartboard is 5 feet and 8 inches from the center of the bullseye to the ground.

How to Install a Dartboard

Whether you own just a dartboard, or a dartboard cabinet, it’s important to both careful and correctly install the board.

  • For a cabinet

 After finding the perfect spot that has all the required measurements, compare the size of the open cabinet, and the amount of space on the wall, ensuring there is enough. Then measure the height to the bullseye and use a stud finder. Ensure your cabinet can hang securely on the wall. Finally secure the cabinet to the wall, and make sure that it is level. Some cabinets may require extra assembly, so be sure to pay attention to the manual for specific details.

  • For a board

This is similar to hanging a cabinet however you will not need as much space on the wall. Once again, ensure that you use a stud finder to ensure the board hangs securely.

The Safest Place to Position a Dartboard

This is an important part of the hanging process. Playing darts in a highly populated area can be dangerous. First ensure that the space whether it be inside or outside, is not a high traffic area. Then, consider the surroundings. Expensive ornaments, light fixtures, paintings, and other valuables should be avoided. To further minimize damage, windows, electronics, and public areas like living rooms should be avoided, especially for new players. Rooms such as garages or ‘mancaves’ are a favorite, and even bedrooms can be a relatively safe area to install a dartboard.

Why Should you Install a Dartboard?

Although by now you are likely invested in darts as a spot, some may wonder what the hype is about. Darts has been popular for centuries, for a myriad of reasons. For example, the sport is easy to pick up no matter your skill level or coordination, however it takes great dedication to master. The level of skill associated with the sport makes it competitive and exciting for viewers and players. Furthermore, it’s great for competitive people as they can use it as a game or a challenge. And finally, it’s great for your brain. One can choose to play in a relaxed manner or play with dedication and focus to showcase their abilities. This can increase their accuracy, and bring together people at a party, or at the local pub. Overall the game is fun, entertaining and by following this guide, anyone can install one for their own casual games right in their own home.