How to Buy the Best Dartboard
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How to Buy the Best Dartboard

Whether you are a professional player, or you are interested in starting your journey into darts, you’ll want the best dartboard you can find. Some may wonder what makes dartboards stand out from others, but there are many qualities to consider when buying a new board. In this post I’ll be covering how to buy the best dartboard to fit your needs.

To begin, you may want to ask yourself some questions about your reason for buying a new dartboard. For example, will you be playing with beginners or experts? A good bristle dartboard with steel darts is a great starting place for both beginners and the more experienced. But if children are going to be playing, you may want to consider a magnetic or Velcro dartboard. These are much safer for younger players and are a great way to introduce children to the sport at a young age. Any of the following dartboards could be a great starting place for kids.

Different Boards for Different Players

But for the average adult player, a bristle dartboard is one of the best starters due to its versatility. Higher quality bristle dartboards are made from a material called sisal which is an organic plant fibre. However, sisal comes in a variety of qualities meaning some can last longer than others after repeated games. It is expected that throwing darts will gradually create indentations in the board, but a good dartboard should recover over time. The average cost for a dartboard is somewhere between $15 to $70, but a more professional one can even be up to $400. For someone looking to get into darts, a cheaper board should be more than enough. But the following list gives an outline of the best boards you can buy for your budget.

You may also have heard of cork dartboards. However, these are a less common choice due to their lack of durability. Unlike bristle dartboards, after being hit multiple times, cork cannot regenerate. It is much more beneficial in the long run to opt for a bristle board over a cork one.

Pro Dartboards

But what about for professional players? There are a wide range of popular dartboards that fit the rules and requirements of professional and competitive games. These boards are typically made from quality sisal that allows holes to heal quickly, and last longer over time. They also allow darts to more firmly land within the board ensuring fewer darts bouncing or falling from the dartboard. Similarly, most of these boards enable the use of both soft and steel tipped darts making them perfect for all situations. Some of these professional boards include:

Final Thoughts on how to buy the Best Dartboard

Overall, there are a wide range of dartboard options available whether they are for recreational play, or professional competition. They can be enjoyed by almost anyone no matter their skill level. It is important to question who will be using the board. Additionally, knowing how often it will be used is important. At the end of the day whether you desire an affordable dartboard or a professional board of high quality, there are many great choices available!