How to Play Halve It
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How to Play Halve It

Halve it sometimes referred to as Bermuda Triangle darts is a common practice game used at all levels. It’s also a fun competitive game to help improve accuracy and skill.

Using three darts per round, each player will try and hit a predetermined target. If the target number is hit, then the total is added to your score. If it is missed, then your entire score is halved.

Note: Scoring this game will require a decent mathematical ability to keep a running total throughout. It may be worth writing it down to keep track.

Halve It Rules

In this game the rules are fairly simple. There will be thirteen rounds, though this can be changed, where you will throw three darts at the designated target. Each target is broken up into its own round. While you are free to choose what the target is common to do the number one to twelve and the semi and double bullseye as well as occasionally having to hit any double on the board.

Each round will start with a certain target in mind. The goal is to score the most with your darts. However, the part that makes this a good practice game comes from the punishment that if you miss all three targets. When this happens, your entire score is slashed in half and you lose lots of the work you already put in.

This also applies on the double bullseye despite being the smallest target on the board. If you miss it with all three of your darts your score will be halved, just as it would if you missed the big twelve. Therefore, it pays to always be vigilant and play it safe where possible.

This game can also be fun as any sudden streak of bad luck can throw the first-place player into an irreparable decline.


During this game you are going to want to note each player’s total score throughout the entire game as oppose to what they hit. This is going to be easier when it comes to calculating a player’s score when they have to halve their score.

Standard scoring applies throughout the whole game. This means if you hit a double twenty then you score forty points.

While sometimes frowned upon if playing in a local pub it is common practice on the family side of the game to shout “Halve It!”. When one of your opponents misses the target completely this is done to ridicule the player for missing. However, it is mainly done as friendly banter.

Basic Strategy

Just focus on trying to hit the single and securing a score before trying to worry about the trebles. While the trebles score more, chances are that unless you are a world class player you are not going to be hitting them consistently. If this is the case, then it is better to just make sure you score something rather than nothing at the end of the day. If you are on twenty and play aggressively to try and hit the treble and miss entirely you score -50% of your score effectively, so always play a safe game.

Final Thoughts on Halve It

This is a fun game to play with friends, and a good way to practice and improve. It would be considered more of an easy darts game, but the math behind it has to be continuously monitored throughout the game. I recommend giving it a try for yourself and seeing if you enjoy it.