Easy Dart Games
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Easy Dart Games (For Beginners)

If you’re just starting out it is essential that you begin to practice darts. There are many ways to do that. These easy dart games can be split into the following categories: Accuracy, Finishing, and Scoring.


  • Around the Board
  • Killer


  • 501 Against Computers
  • 20 in 20
  • High Score Killer


  • Check it Out.
  • Around the Board Doubles
  • Online Darts Math quizzes can also be helpful.


  • JDC Challenge
  • Halve It

The Most Popular Darts Games

The misconception of darts in practice is that all practice must be done as a 501 game and you can either play it yourself or against a computer. However, this is false and mainly based off the fact that unless you are an avid watcher of soft tip darts the only game you really see played in a competitive format is 501. In order to get better you must practice all aspects of the game.

An important aspect of all darts practice is there must be an element of punishment if you really want to improve all the games. In this article I will mention that level of punishment.

Here are the most popular and best darts practice games for beginners:

  • Around the Board (For Accuracy) – You have 3 darts to hit the same single in sequence. Starting at single one and continuing all the way round to single twenty. If you miss one dart you need to go back to the start
  • Bobs 27 (For Finishing) – Named after darts pro Bob Anderson – You start on 27 points and start the game by hitting double one. Hit double one once you get 2 points twice you get 4 points and for hitting double one three times you get 6 points. Double two would equal 1 hit = 4 points 2 hits = 8 points 3 hits =12 points.

If you miss a double with all three darts, you are deducted points corresponding to the value of the that double for example missing double one = -2 points missing double two = -4 points

Start at double one and continue to the bullseye.

  • The JDC Challenge (For All) – The JDC Challenge begins at the number ten you have three darts at each number in turn scoring only on that number for example Single 10 Single 10 Treble 10 = 75 points. You do this for all number 10-15 and if you hit a shanghai (Treble Single and Double) you get an extra one hundred points.

You then move to around the world on doubles – one dart at each double in turn (one dart at a 1, on darts at a 2 etc) round to the bull – you score 50 points for each double hit and 100 points for hitting the bullseye.

You then return to playing the shanghai segment this time on the numbers 15 – 20 (Yes you do 15 twice)

Fun Dart Games

If you are looking to play easy dart games more for the enjoyment of the game, you can choose to play either altered variations of the above games. Some of the more fun-based games include Around the Board and Halve It. These are fun games to play alone and with friends!

Remember, all darts is supposed to be fun. If you are forcing yourself to practice you will probably not see the results you desire. It is important to ensure you are always enjoying yourself when you play darts.

If you find you are not having fun when playing darts (or the above easy dart games) it may be time to consider taking a break from playing. You must remember that if you are playing alone and just practicing the darts police are not going to come around and criticize you if you change the rules of the games. Always feel free to experiment after all darts is supposed to be a game for everyone to enjoy. You are free to change the rules to your liking when playing alone.

Darts Practice – Away from the Board

While it may seem counter-productive to take the board away from darts it is important to master the mental side of the game and the math. While math may sound boring it is essential to know when playing the game at a higher level. Do not worry however, the most you are going to need to know is addition subtraction and multiplication. Nothing overly difficult.

It is worth taking time away from the board to think about the best ways to check out certain finishes that work for you! An example would be on 90 do you prefer going the 18’s route or the bullseye? You need to find what works for you both on and off the board.

And to end I leave you with a quote from the sixteen-time world champion Phil Taylor.

“If you want to be great you have to put the hours in even from a young age. It’s a job, it’s dedication, dedication, dedication it’s like a house you have to put the footings in first”.

Practice, and you will eventually succeed.