Darts Multi Tool

What is a Darts Multi Tool

The darts multi tool is an essential piece of kit to any dart player. They’re available for very low prices and as baring all disaster should last a lifetime. This pocket sized tool has many tools that will help you in both soft tip and steel tip.

So, What Tools Does a Darts Multi Tool Have?

Broken soft tip extractor – if you have a broken soft tip point, they can be very hard to remove. This will assist you in removing them.

Lock Wrench – used for tightening stems better than can be done with the human hand.

Broken stem remover – When a stem snaps in the barrel they can be incredibly hard to remove. This tool comes with the perfect method for getting that out of your barrel quickly so you can get the broken stem out and get back to playing darts.

The tool also comes with built in grinding stones which allows you to sharpen your darts on the go.  This saves you from not having to buy a separate dart sharpener so with this inexpensive all-in-one tool you will never have to invest in many other tools ever again.

Why Invest in One?

When you play a lot of darts things will inevitably break. Whether that be a stem or a point and with this tool in your pocket you will be able to sort it in a matter of seconds and get back to playing darts to the best of your ability. This is very good especially if you want to play at the highest level. The worst thing is when you’re in the middle of the game and your opponent’s stem snaps in the barrel. You then have to wait while they tediously try and remove it. This can really kill momentum you might have in the game too.

Another reason to get a darts multi tool is because of the value. They’re cheap, and using this tool as opposed to buying each tool individually is a no-brainer. The best darts tools on the market are the multi-tools that are produced by Harrows and Winmau. Pretty much every pro player carries one in their case. You may not use it for months but its always reassuring to know that in an emergency this tool is available and will be able to save you.

Lastly, I wanted to mention that stem tighteners can be some of the most useful tools in darts. When you are playing your stems will become loose several times. However, if you have this tool you can turn with much more force than the human hand can. It will ensure that your stem is as tight as possible. This tool will just overall improve your playing experience. While it may feel like it’s just some pointless tools you will underestimate how many times you use the given tools, and many pros would be lost without a good darts multi tool. In my opinion, its never too early to invest in such a tool.