Beginner Darts for Kids
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Beginner Darts for Kids

Darts is a popular game for adults to play in pubs, so it might come as a surprise that darts is also a game that children can learn. But it is, and they can. This article will detail the best darts for kids and dart games that children can use to learn to play.

Darts for Kids

The best kind of darts for kids will be ones that are soft tipped, or magnetic darts that have no tips at all.

12 Piece Magnetic Dart Board

With enough darts for three players, this is a very good starter kit for kids. Magnets inside the board and darts eliminate the risk of getting hit with an errantly thrown pointy part.  Another aspect that makes this set a winner is that the board has the numbers on it to get the new little players introduced to the scoring methodology. Because of this you can start introducing them to some easy dart games like around the world.

Theefun Safety Dart Board Set – 16 Inch Rubber Dart Board

If you’re looking for a step up from the super safe magnetic darts, the darts for this board have more realistic rubber tips. The board itself has raised pegs that the dart can fit in between. The singular drawback of this set, however, is that it limits the number of players to two.

YOHE Kids Magnetic Dart Board Game

The winning aspect of this set is actually two-fold. First, you get two canvas boards for the price, one with the conventional scoring markers, and one without, for the new kids who would just as soon perfect their aim and throw than worry about keeping track of points. But for the kids who would like a little more simplistic scoring system, there is a by-tens scoring system on the more simplistic board. Once again, the darts are magnetic to allow for the safest experience.

Perhaps the only drawback for this set is that the board is on a canvas and not one that you affix to a wall, so it may come across as being a bit flimsy compared to some of the other dart boards featured here.

Dart Games for Kids

One of the highlights of darts as a game is the plethora of ways to play. Here are a few games that are easy and fun for kids to learn to get the hang of how to play with darts.

Around the World

Played on a conventional scoreboard, players try to land their darts in every sequential wedge from numbers 1-20. After reaching 20, the player must score a bullseye to win.

High Score

In this fun and easy game for kids. Players have to be the first to reach a pre-determined score in order to win.

Final Thoughts on Darts for Kids

Darts are a fun and different way for kids to hang out and practice for entertainment they might want to have as an adult. Magnetic and rubber tipped darts are the best bets for kids to use, and the dart board sets that include them come at bargain prices.