Dart Flight Protectors

What Are Dart Flight Protectors For?

Dart flight Protectors are used to enhance the durability of your darts flights. Whenever an incoming dart strikes the flight of an existing dart the flight protector can almost eliminate this damage. Additionally, they also assist in keeping the darts spread.

Flight Protector PROS

They help to preserve the flight for a long period of time. This is good if you’re on a smaller budget or running low on replacement flights.

They help guide darts past the dart into a more open zone.

Flight Protector CONS

They are heavy and can change the weight of the dart causing the dart to bank upwards after the throw leading to strange angles on entry.

They only provide limited Protection. Believe it or not, they only protect the center of the darts flight and not the entire flight. This means damage can still occur to the outer portion of the darts flights.

What do Pros think?

The consensus among pro players varies. However, the majority of players do not use flight protectors with former World Championship Semi-Finalist Wayne Mardle calling them “An additional obstruction”.

The other view among professionals is that the majority are good enough to group their darts without damaging the flights. Plus, the change in the darts weight can be uneasy for some players to adjust to, thus leaving them with little choice but to change back.

That is not to say all players feel the same. Pro player Dave Chisnall does use flight protectors. While Dave has never publicly stated his reasons for using a flight protector it probably boils down to the fact that he groups he darts incredibly close to each other. Therefore, it is more likely to hit his flights. As for the weight change, it is likely just something that he has gotten used to over time.

Should I Invest in Dart Flight Protectors?

Yes, well at least once. Some people do find that dart protectors provide genuine help in balancing the dart and in keeping the dart flights in a good condition. Others feel they are just a further hinderance into the game. However, in my opinion you should still try them at least once as they may work well for you. If you find that your flights are looking battered after only a few throws then maybe the darts protector is for you. Alternatively, if you find your flights are lasting a week or longer then maybe your grouping is already spaced out enough. Adding this to your equipment would probably just give you more issues.

Hitting the dart flight protector itself is also a near guaranteed bounce out whereas a flight can assist in the guiding of a dart. When used properly it can cause problems when there is plastic or metal blocking it which is another thing to take into consideration when deciding whether or not flight protectors are for you. It really comes down to how tight your groupings are. If you’re going through flights very quickly perhaps it is more worthwhile investing in a more durable flights brand.

Good Flight Protectors:

Here are some good flight protectors that you might want to consider giving a try. I hope they work well for you if you decide to pick them up for yourself.