Can You Hang A Dartboard Outside
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Can You Hang A Dartboard Outside?

Well, the short answer is yes, dartboards can easily be used outside in a range of settings for those preferring not to damage their interiors. As long as your board is protected somehow, it can be used for long periods of time outdoors. However, if you prefer to leave your board to the elements, you may stick with a durable bristle dartboard. The following piece will outline the best ways in which to utilize your outdoor space for playing darts.

Where Could you Hang a Dartboard Outside?

Unfortunately, if you want your board to last, you cannot just place it outside without protection. Most dartboards are not waterproof, so if yours is subject to rainfall or harsh sunlight, you may want to consider applying a water-resistant spray.

One place you could install a dartboard is inside your garage or shed. Typically, most people have less fragile belongings in their sheds than their homes, making sheds the perfect place to escape and have fun without worrying about your surroundings. If you are a beginner, however, you may like the added security of a dartboard backboard. These backboards and surrounds are built to extend the circumference of your board to catch any stray darts protecting your walls.

Furthermore, you could even attach your dartboard to a tree or a similar outdoor structure. This is a more rustic approach, but it can be done with minimal destruction by implementing French cleats. These are designed to reduce stress and damage to the tree itself, meaning it can continue to grow whilst providing you with a great place to play. Although due to the board’s exposed and vulnerable position, you may want to consider a basic cabinet.

Alternative – Last Resort

And as a last resort, you can always install your dartboard on the exterior of your home or porch. Obviously, this option can put your home’s exterior and even your windows at risk, but if you plan to play in a more discrete area or you do not have the space for a shed or backyard, it is still a respectable choice.

No matter where you choose to play outdoors, it’s best to pick a bristle dartboard. These are more durable and readily available and are sure to give you a great playing experience. Below are a few bristle dartboards that you may like to use in your own backyard.

The Best Outdoor Dartboards

The Viper Vault set comes with a dartboard and a cabinet and is made for skilled players due to its high-quality construction. Because of the cabinet’s worth, it is not recommended to leave it outside where it may be exposed to rain or direct sun. Therefore, you may prefer to install this set in a shed or garage.

The Nordon dartboard is simple and great for beginners who want a casual game of darts. The ‘SupaWire’ bands aid in decreasing the number of bounce-outs, and this board comes with a 1-year warranty ensuring you get the best durability out of your purchase.

This dartboard is a simple bristle board that comes with all the equipment you need for your first game. This includes a basic set of darts as well as a bracket for installation. The Ignatgames Board is suitable for professionals and even tournament matches due to its superior construction.

Final Thoughts on Hanging a Dartboard Outside

I hope that this has helped answer the question can you hang a dartboard outside. If you do not have much room in your home for a dartboard, if you have young children, or if you want to escape to the outdoors, it is easy to install a dartboard in your backyard. And with so many options for placement and many durable bristle boards to choose from, all you need to do is decide which one you prefer!