Best Soft Tip Darts

Best Soft Tip Darts

In this post I’ll be covering the best soft tip darts for different players. There are two main types of darts, soft tip and steel tip. Soft tip darts are very versatile but are generally used on an electronic board. There are a variety of different soft tip darts that can be used by players of different skill levels.

For Beginners

Beginners may find soft tip darts a big change from your average steel tipped dart due to their lightweight qualities. Their tips are constructed from high quality plastic. The higher the quality of dart, typically provides a better performance. Beginners should consider darts of around 16 to 20 grams as these are most common. Below are some highly recommended soft tip darts for beginners.

These tungsten soft tip darts are incredibly popular for their many benefits. For example, they can be purchases in either 16 or 18 gram varieties and have a great grip that can be customized through three different options. They are not too expensive in comparison with their competitors and are highly customizable making them great for beginners and the more experienced players.

These darts also from Viper are also suited to beginners due to their great grip and customizability in design. Furthermore, these darts are designed for quality flights which aid in ensuring accuracy. These darts also come in 16 and 18 gram varieties.

These darts promise unbreakable aluminum shafts and can provide great durability for players of all levels of ability. These soft tip darts weigh 17 grams and can be further customized with various tips in case of a break.

For Professionals

For those looking for a long term, durable and reliable set of soft tip darts, the following darts are highly recommended.

These darts aim to stick better into dartboards and can be used to improve one’s abilities. The CyeeLife soft tips are durable and come with multiple spare tips for replacements. They are on the cheaper side and can be used in either a recreational environment or a tournament. Their versatility and price make them a great choice.

The Centaur soft tip darts are highly commended for many reasons. One being their affordable price. These darts also feature aluminum shafts for long term durability, as well as 100 high quality plastic tips for replacements. Moreover, they come with many accessories for professional players to improve and customize their game.

Finally, these darts from Sanfeng sport brass barrels and a unique design to prioritize accuracy and speed. The grip further ensures a relaxed and comfortable grasp on the dart. These darts also use rubber O-rings to support stability, further increasing one’s playing abilities allowing them to focus on the game.

Best Soft Tip Dartboards

After choosing the right soft tip darts for your game, a great soft tip dartboard will greatly benefit your playing ability. The following are highly commended boards for a variety of playing conditions.

This board is constructed of resin and utilizes LED backlighting to allow the player to view the round number, player turn and current score. The display is clear and easy to use and can count games of up to eight players. The board even includes bilingual capabilities for several languages.

The Ultrasport board includes a cabinet adding a more realistic feel to its design. This electronic dartboard can track up to sixteen players and comes with darts, replacement soft tips and the ability to play at four different levels of difficulty.

This is a more expensive choice but is suitable for tournaments and professional games. The LED display can track up to four scores at once and is durable for years of play.

This is another board of top quality and price, but it comes with a high quality wooden cabinet and up to 307 game variations. This board is suitable for professional games, and is one of a kind in its design and quality.

Best Soft Tip Darts – Final Thoughts

Overall, this best soft tip darts guide outlines the wide variety of soft tip darts and dartboards available on the market. Whether you are looking for something simple to play with your recreational games, or for darts and a board of professional quality, there are plenty of quality options available for any player.