Best Dartboard Cabinets

Best Dartboard Cabinets

Darts is a popular pastime played in both the pub and in the basement. And if you’re truly serious about playing darts, you’ll need a quality dartboard.

And to enhance your dartboard, you’ll need a dartboard cabinet. The benefits of a dartboard cabinets are numerous: Dartboard cabinets can help to protect the board, and often double as an electronic scoreboard and adds a touch of class to your dartboard storage.

We’ve done the hard work and tracked down the best dartboard cabinets available for sale online today. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide which of these dartboard cabinets are the right fit for your board.

My Dartboard Cabinet Picks

Viper Metropolitan Dartboard

The Viper Metropolitan Dartboard offers a black velvet design with a dry erase board and markers to keep score, as well as pockets that can also hold both markers and darts.

Another winning aspect of this cabinet is the amount of choices you get in regard to its finishing: Cinnamon, espresso, mahogany, and oak. The amount of choices allow you to sync your dart cabinet up with the rest of your decor.

Rustic Wood and Iron Handcrafted Dartboard Wall Cabinet

The upside of this dartboard cabinet is almost solely on looks alone. It offers a simplistic look on the inside, containing only a holder for the darts. The outside offers a very rustic look, most suitable for a farmhouse sort of decor.

If you have a desire for an electronic scoreboard, this isn’t the cabinet for you, but if you appreciate the rustic look of this cabinet, then it’s for you after all. You may want help installing it – it’s a bit heavy.

Center Point Outlaw Free Standing Cabinet

There are two aspects of this cabinet that make it the ideal choice. First, it comes with an electronic dartboard that has over 29 games, with 90 variations of those games to keep the fun going. The other great aspect of this cabinet is the amount of ample storage it has on the bottom.

The draw back of this dartboard cabinet is the fact that there are no doors for the board itself, meaning that you’ll want to make sure that the board is free of dust or any other elements, as it will be exposed. This lack of doors also means that there is an inability to attach any external scoreboards.

Thousand Oaks Barrel Personalized Dartboard Cabinet

The main draw for this dartboard cabinet is the fact that it can be personalized. Apart from the personalization, you’re getting a base Viper dart board case, which, we think, adds to the quality of this dartboard case. Choosing this option will add your own sense of style to your dartboard cabinet, and that’s always a good thing.

A Final Word on the Best Dartboard Cabinets

A dart board cabinet is a nice, but not necessary, piece of equipment to have when playing darts. Don’t feel pressured into getting one, but if you’d like to get one these are some of the best the Internet has to offer.