What Are The Best Darts
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What Are The Best Darts

Playing a game of darts first originated in England in the 1300s as a military pastime, when bored soldiers would sit in trenches and compete amongst each other by throwing sharp objects at the bottoms of upturned wine casks. It was, however, not until the 1800s that darts became more popular, changing into a similar version of the game we play today. During World War Two, American soldiers took the game to the states, making it even more popular worldwide. Before you purchase your first set of darts, you need to be aware of the different parts that make up the dart.

Dart anatomy

The flight, or back portion of the dart, can vary in style and size, with smaller flights adding stabilization, while bigger flights will slow the dart down. For a beginner, a weight of between 16 and 20 grams is a good weight, although it’s always best to experiment.

The grip, or barrel, is the part of the dart that rests between your fingers, and some can be smooth, with others rigid and rough. For beginners, a dart with a better grip will be easier to hold and throw.

The shaft is what connects the flight to the grip, and they come in many different types of materials, from plastic to carbon-fiber. The carbon-fiber shaft is more suited for beginners as it is incredibly durable, and relatively affordable to replace.

The point, as the name suggests, is the tip of the dart that connects with the dartboard. The point can come in steel and soft tips.

The Best Darts and Brands for Beginners

IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set


Weight: 18g to 24g

Barrel material: Brass

Barrel size: 2.05”

Barrel texture: Strategically knurled, electro coppered finish

Shafts: 1.7 – 2” aluminum with 2BA slots

Flights: 1 spare each

CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts Set


Weight: 22g

Barrel material: Brass

Barrel size: 1.3 to 1.9”

Barrel texture: Strategically knurled for greater control

Shafts: 1.3 to 1.9”

Flights: 12 in two different forms

Bullseye Steel Tipped Darts


Weight: 21g

Barrel material: Nickel

Barrel size: 2.1”/ 5.33 cm

Barrel texture: Convex nylon for smooth grip and flight

Shafts: 1.5” convex nylon

Flights: 1x/dart

All In Gear Darts Dart Sets


Weight: 21 – 24 g (go heavy)

Barrel material: Brass (but feels like tungsten)

Barrel size: 2”/ 5 cm

Barrel texture: Smooth brass ring

Shafts: 1.9” 2BA aluminum

Flights: 1x/dart

What Are The Best Darts – Final Suggestion

Always buy Your Darts Separately

While it can be convenient to purchase a dart board and darts in the one package, the darts will usually be of a low quality. The tips of these darts will dull quicker than darts you buy separately, meaning that you will need to spend more money in the long term. When you buy darts separately, they are typically of a much higher quality, and you will have more control over the type of darts you buy.