Outdoor Dartboard Ideas
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Outdoor Dartboard Ideas

Many imagine playing darts inside a local pub, or maybe in a friend’s man-cave. But darts can also be played outside for those not wanting to risk damaging their valuables. Sometimes finding the right amount of space to hang a board isn’t possible inside, and for beginners, it may be daunting to throw projectiles inside. That’s why I’ve created this outdoor dartboard ideas post. I hope this helps you if you’re thinking about putting a dartboard outside!

Can You Buy Waterproof Outdoor Dartboards?

Unfortunately, most dartboards are not waterproof, so if you plan to hang your board outside without shelter, you may want to cover it in a waterproof spray coating. But the best way to preserve a board is to simply keep it out of the direct sun and rain.

Where to Install a Dartboard Outside

It is important to keep in mind that regular dartboards are not waterproof when finding a place to install one. An example of a place to set up a dartboard could be in a shed or garage. Installing a dartboard in a shed is a safe place to play without worrying about possibly damaging to your floor or surroundings. And for further protection to whatever surface, you are playing against – no matter the location – it is a great idea to use a backboard for any darts that may stray past the board.

A more rustic option is to simply mount your dartboard to a tree. This does not always have to damage the tree either as French cleats can be used to ensure minimal damage. Overall, it is best practice to use a bristle dartboard outside to get the best durability out of the board. Electronic dartboards are not a great choice due to their fragility when exposed to the elements. However, in some instances such as in a shed or undercover, it is possible to play with a digital board outside.

The Best Outdoor Dartboards

Nordon Supawire dartboard


This is a simple bristle board perfect for recreational games. The ‘SupaWire’ bands aid in reducing bounce-outs, and it even comes with a 1-year warranty ensuring you get the best durability from your board.


Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet


Having a cabinet is a great way to protect your dartboard in harsh weather, although its high-quality wood structure means it is a statement piece in itself. The board itself is sensitive to water, so it is best to leave the cabinet closed when not in use. This set includes steel tip darts as well as scoreboards for Cricket style games.


Viper Vault Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard


This dartboard and cabinet combo is made for professional players and is constructed with high-quality materials. Due to this cabinet’s price, it is not recommended to leave it outside for long periods of time. Therefore, this dartboard is more suited to a garage or shed than directly outside.


True Born Magnetic Dart Board


This is not a typical bristle board, but rather a magnetic one. This board can also be converted into a ring toss board and is great for the whole family. This set also includes a bag for storing all additional parts to keep them safe from the elements.


Ignatgames Professional Dart Board Set


The Ignatgames Dart Board is a bristle board that comes with training darts and a bracket kit for installation. This board is suitable for tournament-style matches, and due to the thin wire, the scoring area is increased, reducing the number of bounce-outs.

The Best Electronic Outdoor Dartboards


Viper Neptune Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard (Including Cabinet)


A cabinet is a great choice when choosing an outdoor dartboard, especially with an electronic board. However, the high-quality wood used in this set means you will likely want to keep this board in your shed or a similarly protected area. There are up to 307 game options available with this board and can accommodate 16 people making it an impressive well-rounded choice.


Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with Cabinet


This board also comes with a cabinet; however, it is constructed from plastic rather than wood. Although it is not as visually appealing, it is more durable. Although, like all electronic boards, it should not stay outside for long periods of time. This board can be used with 8 players and has 167 scoring options.

Ultimately, playing darts outside is not an ideal location. But if your board is kept sheltered and in an appropriate space, it should last for many games into the future.

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Dartboards

At the end of the day, darts can be fun both inside and outside your home. The best advice would be to choose a board and location that is safe, and out of the elements. If you can do that you shouldn’t see a huge difference between playing inside and outside.