Darts Scoreboards

Darts Scoreboards

When playing darts either professionally or recreationally, it is always important to keep score. Although it can often be difficult to keep track mentally and after all, you play darts to have fun, not to do mental math. A great scoreboard should be easy to use, while also easy to read. There are a variety of scoring methods utilized by darts players ranging from chalk boards, dry erase boards, digital scoreboards and even phone applications that can keep track of scoring for you.

Chalk Darts Scoreboards

This board is of high quality, and also is available in a dry erase variety. It comes with chalk and the board can be easily wiped down with minimal residue or chalk marks left behind. It is 11.5” wide and 15.5” high, making it a great size for most players. However, one downside is that this board is for games with only two players.

This board is also designed with quality in mind and is available in both small and large sizes. The smooth surface on the board makes erasing easy, however it can often be too smooth for writing.

This scoreboard differs from its competitors in size and the small board can be installed almost anywhere. Despite its size, the board has plenty of space to write on, however there is no chalk holder, and the included chalk is not particularly effective in combination with the Dart World scoreboard.

Dry Erase Scoreboards

The benefit of using dry erase boards over chalk scoreboards is that there is much less mess. The ActionDart board measures 10” by 14”, and its clean design allows scores to be easily read from a distance. Finally, this scoreboard features a magnetic back allowing it to be easily installed anywhere.

This board is reversible allowing plenty of space for scoring a variety of games. This scoreboard is suited to beginner players, as the included chart allows for easier scoring. Both sides of this board are magnetic allowing for easy installation, and it also comes with dry erase markers.

This scoreboard mimics its chalk variety in design but features a dry erase surface. The Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard is easy to clean and is made from high quality materials meaning it will last. It can be used for either ’01 or Cricket games and has a sleek modern design.

Digital Scoreboards

Digital scoreboards can be complex and more expensive than chalk and dry erase scoreboards, but their ability to track a variety of games and players makes them superior for competitive players. The DigiScore can track up to eight players’ scores and has 655 different game options. The keyboard is easy to use, and the scorer has an optimized battery life.

This digital scorer is much clearer visually and is easy to use. The Arachnid Touch Pad can automatically score games of up to 8 players and has a broad range of options for any game type. This scorer is expensive, but it worth the price for serious players.

This scorer is a cheaper alternative to the Touch Pad Dart Scorer. It has an easy to use interface, supporting up to eight players. The cheaper price means there are fewer game options to choose from but is still effective at scoring and is a great alternative for less serious players.

Scoring Apps

  • Andy Pandy Sports Darts Scoreboard App

This is a free app; however, it has advertisements that can often interrupt your game. It has the ability to save game information for a later date and can track an unlimited number of players. One may prefer an app to a digital scoreboard for its versatility and cheaper price, but apps are not always made to the same quality.

  • Stuart Cooper Pro Darts Scorer App

This Pro Darts Scorer allows you to play against your friends and family, and even play against an AI. Its interface is clear and easy to use and has received many rewards in relation to its simplistic yet effective scoring abilities.

  • Dartly – Free Darts Scorer

This is another free app; however, it is no longer being updated. It is simplistic and well designed, making it easy for anyone to use in a pinch.

Overall whether you prefer a digital or manual scoring method, there are a broad range of options when it comes to darts scoreboards. Cost, aesthetics, and variety are all important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a new scoreboard, and no matter your preferences there should be a board right for you!