Darts Repointing

Darts Repointing

Darts repointing is an essential part of the game. While most points can last for years at a time in order to ensure your darts are performing to their fullest ability you are going to want to change your points. Thankfully, the process luckily is very simple today. However, this one-off cost may be a little high as darts repointers are not the cheapest tools on the market.

What do I need?

For this you will need a Darts Repointer which you can find on amazon.

You’ll also need some replacement points you can find these online at many darts’ retailers.

How do I change the points?

STEP ONE: Open the dart pointer puller by turning the extracting screw fully open.

Insert the dart barrel so that the point passed through the point clamp and tighten the clamp with the Alan key that comes with the dart point puller.

Ensure that the point is fully tightened otherwise the point will not come free when you come to remove it.

STEP TWO: Turn the extracting screw down so that the screw it is fully inserted into the dart barrel.

The dart point puller will come with several threads to help remove the dart points.

STEP THREE: Unscrew the extracting screw. The point will then be pulled free of the barrel.

Undo the point clamp and replace the old point with a new one. Insert your new point so that there is enough new point to enter the barrel when the barrel is closed upon it.

Turn the extractor screw back down so that the barrel is pushed onto the new point. Remove the barrel with the point. Done.

Darts Repointing Thoughts

This process is incredibly simple and is very good to learn early on in your career. Dart players will find that the first few times that it’s going to cause confusion. If you have not yet learned how to change a dart point it might be worth learning how to do before playing at a high level.

Also, while you are changing points you may want to try other designs of dart points. One type rising in popularity are dart points with a grip on them. You may want to experiment with longer and shorter darts points. Just make sure that your barrel is not getting too close to the board when thrown, but also the point should not be long enough that the dart is wobbling when it is in the board.

If your dart point is broken the process is the same as long as some of the point is still accessible to the tool. Unfortunately, if your point snaps and the remainder of the point is stuck in the barrel then you will have to speak to a professional or buy an entirely new set of darts. Removing a point from within the barrel is incredibly difficult at this point. However, certain formulas have been tested with claims that this can loosen the point. In my opinion the evidence to support this is disputed and at most inconclusive.

I hope this darts repointing overview was helpful. If you’d like to learn more about the various parts of a dart and their uses be sure to check out my other post!