Dartboards With Electronic Scoring

Dartboards with Electronic Scoring

The average bristle dartboard is perfect for most occasions. But for the more experienced player looking for a high tech, exciting alternative, dartboards with electronic scoring might be the perfect choice. Most electronic dartboards have in-built scoring capabilities that can automatically track the scores of many players over a variety of game modes, making electronic boards highly sought after. Furthermore, digital boards can have a range of exciting game modes, making parties and get-togethers more exciting. The following article will outline a range of electronic dartboards and soft tip darts that will suit any player no matter their ability or interests.

Best Dartboards with Electronic Scoring

One of the cheaper digital dartboards on the market, the Fat Cat 727 comes with the basics including darts and an in-built scoring system. This board is great for casual dart-throwers, but bounce-outs are more common with the 727 than its competitors.

This dartboard comes with a large selection of games for its price and utilizes LED lighting to create unique game options. This board is extremely durable and is perfect for a party environment. The Viper Ion can score for up to 8 players, but the included darts are not of high quality so you may want to buy your own if you are a serious player.

This board is likely the best electronic dartboard available on the market. It has a large playing surface, can aid in improving the player’s skills, is incredibly durable and allows darts to effortlessly stick to the board. Overall, this board is perfect for serious darts players and fans, but it isn’t cheap.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 differs from the others in that it is a standing system. It can score up to 8 players and features a durable board, as well as technology that minimises bounce outs. Unlike the others, this dartboard will require some assembly, but the cabinet itself is stylish and is a great addition to the home.

The Bullshooter is well renowned for its fantastic value for money, as well as its stylish appearance. The LED scoreboard is clear and easy to use, and the cabinet is not only a great storage space, but also a statement piece for any space.

This set is one of the most popular electronic dartboards due to its budget price and versatility. This board includes many great game modes and comes with quality darts that grip well to the board’s surface.

Best Darts for An Electronic Dartboard

When using an electronic dartboard, it is important to use soft tip darts rather than steel tipped ones. Here are some of the best soft tip darts available for use with electronic dartboards.

The CyeeLife soft tip darts are built to reduce bounce-outs and can even improve your playing ability. They are durable, and in case of breakages, they come with several replacement tips. These darts are cheap and are great for recreational games or even in a tournament.

These soft tips are popular for their affordability as well as their aluminum shafts which provide strength and durability. The Centaur darts also come with 100 high quality tips, as well as an abundance of accessories for more experienced players to optimize their game.

The Sanfeng darts are built with unique brass barrels which enhance one’s accuracy and speed. These barrels also provide the perfect grip and include features that optimize stability.

These darts are fantastic for professional play and are durable due to their 95% tungsten shafts. They are available in two sizes and have several customizable grip options. Their price is impressive compared to their competitors and they are great for beginners and the more advanced.

Final Thoughts on Electronic Dartboards

If you are in the market for a self-scoring electronic dartboard, one of the previously mentioned boards is sure to do the job no matter your skill level or budget. And if you are looking for a new set of darts, a great collection of soft tipped darts are a great addition to your kit.