Dart Weight Guide

Dart Weight Guide

Darts come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and weights. As with most things in darts this will change, and you will play with all sorts of equipment during your lifetime. But which, if any, is the best weight of darts to throw. In this simple dart weight guide I’ll try to help you find what’s best for you.

Most Common Weights

The most common weight of dart thrown is between 19g and 22g. However, some players have been known to push these to the extremes either way with Ryan Searle throwing 30g darts and Stephen Bunting throwing 12g darts. These examples show that there really is a lot of variation in the types of darts you can throw.

If you’ve got a set of darts already it can be quite easy to tell how to adjust if a lot of your darts are falling low. If this is the case, then you probably need a lighter dart. Conversely, if they are going really high maybe invest in a heavier dart. I realize that this is all quite simple science, but something heavier will drop more than something lighter, and the fix could be that simple.

What Difference Does Dart Weight Make?

In darts the weight can make all the difference. As it’s part of the balance of the dart some players even prefer to have darts made with more weight at the back of the barrel than the front as this encourages the dart to take an upwards trajectory.

If your dart is not comfortable in your hand you will not throw it well. Simply, if you are holding a 40g dart it will not feel comfortable and will feel like you need a run up to get it to reach its intended target. A good rule is a perfect dart should be able to be released from your hand like a feather and still reach, it is intended target.

The heavier a dart is however, the straighter it will throw and the lighter the more of a curve you will get when throwing.

So, What Dart Weight Should I Use?

This all comes down to personal preference. You will certainly need to experiment as well. I don’t recommend going out and buying every weight of dart on the market. But you can always ask your friends if you can borrow theirs for a quick throw and see if you like the feel. All things in darts will in the end come down to the players personal preference. Therefore, you are going to need to play around with things. Below is a dart weight guide that shows some professional dart weights players use. Taking the weight of your favorite player can be the perfect motivation to get started the idea of “If my favorite player can throw with this so can I” can be an extremely encouraging motive to have.

Rob Cross – 23g

Daryl Gurney – 22g

Michael Smith – 22/24g

Gary Anderson – 21-27g

Peter Wright – 22/24g

Gerwyn Price – 24g

James Wade 20-24g

All these players keep changing in order to get better. The weight will change as you feel necessary, and the more you throw the more likely you are to find the perfect weight of darts for you to throw. Darts should be fun, and I’ve always found this experimental part of the game to be one of the best parts of the game. These little tweaks and tests can take your site to the next level.