Best Dartboard Wall Protectors
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The Best Dartboard Wall Protectors

Whether you are experienced or a beginner, everyone makes the occasional mistake. And when you are throwing projectiles, often inside your home, it is important to make sure your walls and surroundings are protected. There is a range of great dartboard backboards and dartboard surrounds available for those of different skill levels and interests, and the following list aims to outline some of the most popular choices.

Some of the Best Backboards on the Market Include:

This is one of the lightest boards available, as well as one of the most durable. This is achieved by using EVA foam; however, this is achieved by only creating a small amount of coverage around the dartboard itself. This protector is durable, affordable, and comes with 6 darts. Although, due to the thin material used, it may not provide the best protection to your home if you are a beginner.

This backboard is not only effective but good-looking too. The high-quality Mahogany creates an expensive and stylish look sure to ascent any space. The wood is 1 inch thick and has a felt backing for added protection. It has 29 square inches of protective space; however, it can often be difficult to install due to the high-quality wood. Similarly, darts don’t always remain in the wood like they would a dartboard, so that you may risk damage to your floor or even someone’s foot.

This is one of the cheapest board backers you can get, but it lacks quality. The cork backboard covers 8 square feet of wall space and is easily mounted with any dartboard type. Unfortunately, however, the Jelinek board is only ½ inch thick, meaning it won’t flawlessly protect your walls. It can also be inclined to tear after extended use.

This bundle comes with not only the backboard but a dartboard, darts, and even a baseline. This set is perfect for someone looking to get into darts for the first time, and its protector is made of high-quality foam. The one-inch-thick foam can protect your walls from any stray darts, and after heavy use, the board can be flipped over for double the usage. Unfortunately, as this backboard is sold in a set, it is not compatible with other dartboards unless they are the same size.

This backboard is octagonal in shape, making it stylish and a great way to protect your walls. The tan shade is sure to fit in with any room, and it is made with the highest quality of materials to keep your walls safe. The combination of ¾ inch thick wood and ¼ inch thick felt creates a barrier for darts, and if the tan is not your favorite color, the Dart-Stop backboard also comes in burgundy and black.

The Viper Defender covers 8.2 square feet, making it one of the largest backboards available on the market. The foam board is one inch thick and is sure to keep your walls in top shape whilst also staying lightweight, making it easy to install. Despite its advantages, it is more expensive for a foam backboard and should not be used outdoors.

The Winmau Backboard is great for recreational games and works with most bristle dartboards. It is stylish, professional and adds plenty of coverage for more advanced players. Unfortunately, however, this backboard does not fit the Winmau Rebel, meaning you may need to consider your preferred board before making a purchase.

This backboard is an upgrade from the Viper Wood Framed Backboard in that it can easily catch darts, is easy to install, and comes with equipment to make hanging your board a breeze. The Championship Backboard has a wood frame, and a high-quality felt board that will protect your walls and floors. It also comes with a scoreboard and 12 darts making this the perfect set; however, this backboard is not cheap.

Finally, this board is stylish and can easily be assembled and installed almost anywhere. The Dart World Protector utilizes high-quality foam at 1 inch thick to prevent damage and can even be reversed after long-term use. Furthermore, it can work with almost any regular bristle dartboard, making it a great choice for most players.

Best Dartboard Wall Protectors – Final Thoughts

It’s important to protect the walls in your own home. There are lots of great options in terms of wall protection. It’s certainly worth considering using one of the above options when you’re first starting. I know firsthand that my spouse wasn’t too happy with my poor throwing when I was starting! At the end of the day, not putting holes in the wall will make darts more enjoyable.