Best Dart Cases

Best Dart Cases

No matter where you play darts, there’s always someone who wants to be the best. And to be a serious player, you need to have your own set of darts. And if you have your own set of darts, you’ll need a case in which to carry those darts. I’ve researched for you and found the best dart cases for carrying your darts. Read on to see the picks and learn what makes them the best choices a serious darts player can make. 

Plastic Dart Cases

The majority of dart cases we found fell under this category. 

Casemaster Sentry Dart Case Slim EVA 

This hard-shell plastic case comes in four different colors: Black, green, blue, and red. Up to six fully assembled darts can fit in the foam slots, and the slots in the middle can hold extra disassembled dart shafts, shafts, and flights.

The Amazon listing photograph may be slightly deceiving, as it shows the darts and dart pieces inside the case to display its use, but darts and accessories are sold separately.

Casemaster Plazma Pro

The basic gist of this dart case is the same as the Casemaster Sentry, with a few notable exceptions. There is a much wider array of colors to choose from: purple, black, light blue, green, orange, pink, red, dark blue, and yellow.

The functionality of the foam slots is the same, able to hold up to six assembled darts. And the slots in the middle can hold additional shafts, tips, and flights, just as before. But the winning element of the Plazma Pro is the additional zip pouch that can also hold your phone or other accessories.

And as before, all darts are sold separately.

Metal Dart Cases

Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case 

Once again, a product of the Casemaster brand, the Legion is an aluminum case unlike any of the others we found. Not only does the hard aluminum shell offer peak protection, but it carries like a briefcase.

Whereas its plastic cousins could only hold six darts, the Legion holds up to nine fully assembled darts and can hold as many shafts and tips as would make three more darts and up to twelve flights!

There is also a larger pocket to hold extra accessories of a certain size, such as a small ring of keys or a pair of headphones.

And as before, all darts are sold separately. The Legion dart case also comes with a limited ninety-day limited warranty.

Nylon Dart Cases

Casemaster Classic Nylon Dart Carrying Case

One last pick from Casemaster, the Classic Nylon dart case, offers many of the benefits of the others – the ability to hold up to six fully assembled darts, additional tips, and up to a whopping fifteen extra flights.

On its face, the classic nylon case may seem slightly less sturdy than the others, which might be true to some degree. Still, the water-resistant material is enough to overlook that the other models seem a tad stronger, and even then, only slightly.

And as before, all accessories are sold separately.

A Final Word on the Best Dart Cases

Dart cases are essential gear to have. They provide you with a secure storage area and have some peace of mind, similar to what a wallet does that everything is in one place. I highly recommend picking up a dart case if you don’t have one already.