How to Play Baseball Darts
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How to Play Baseball Darts

Baseball darts is a game usually played by beginners to darts. It forces you to aim at more of the unused spaces on the dartboard. It keeps you moving all around the board and helps you learn the numbering as you play.

It helps to increase accuracy and focuses and the trebles around the board. Just like actual baseball, it is more popular in the United States than it is in the UK. It also has little to do with the actual game of baseball.

Baseball Darts Rules:

  • Each player takes turns throwing their three darts at the number associated with that inning.
  • In the first inning, all darts should be thrown at the number one on the dartboard.
  • A hit in the single section scores one run the double is worth two runs and the treble is worth three.
  • If a dart hits outside, it is worth zero. You can also think of this as an out.
  • Once all players have thrown at the one the scoring moves to the number two.
  • The winner is the player with the highest score after nine innings.
  • If after nine the game is in a tie the game will continue with 10,11 etc until a clear winner is established. This can be thought of as extra innings.

Scoring Baseball:

To begin you should pre-mark the nine rounds in advance starting with one at the top continue down the board to nine, leaving space in case extra is required.

The names of each player can be written at the top of the board you will then mark the acquired score next the numbers on the board. Overall, scoring is pretty straightforward for this game.

Variation of Baseball Darts:

7th Inning Stretch – One variation of the baseball rules is to play with a 7th inning stretch. This creates an additional rule where if a player does not score a run in the 7th inning the entire score is halved. This can be good and is sometimes used if the game is becoming stale. However, it is not recommended as it can break the entire game on one throw.

Dummy Players – When playing in teams if your teams are uneven then you can have dummy players that will have an assigned score based on the players skill level. By doing this it will fill the gap for a team missing the required number of players.

Outs – A variation of the game is to use each dart is a “out”. Implying that if you hit one single and two missed you rethrow until you have three outs on any specific number.

Baseball Strategy:

Trebles are key – 9 points are the highest possible score per inning per player when you hit three trebles. In this game hitting the trebles can give you an immense advantage over your opponents. Therefore, it is important to go for them as much as possible.

Doubles are useless – If you go for a double and miss the board entirely you score nothing. When the treble option is there you should take it as inaccuracy on the treble is less punished than inaccuracy on the double. If you miss a double you risk scoring nothing however, when you miss a treble you have opened your chances to at least score one point.

Basic Rule of Thumb – Just try and score as many points as possible. This requires accuracy and consistency and there are no tricks that can improve that outside of learning it through practice.

Final Thoughts

Though it isn’t the easiest game of all, baseball darts is a great game for beginners. It helps to train basic skills within darts such as accuracy and consistency. To play darts at the highest level these are essential, and this practice game could help in homing in your abilities within the game.

This game allows for good practice hitting targets all over the dart board. When used with other forms of darts practice this game could be very useful as it increases accuracy when combined with basic finishing practice games it could be used effectively to forward anyone’s darts career.